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Is your remote contact centre effective?

With a 400% increase in calls for service since late March 2020 has demonstrated just how important contact centres are to the UK economy and society.

Covid-19 was the catalyst for Cloud, but many organisations have found that their rapidly deployed remote working solutions are not a good fit for the long term. Technology limitations, security concerns and hidden costs are having a significant impact on contact centre revenues and customer loyalty

In our first in a series of three webinars, Contact Centre Manager turned Customer Success Consultant at Cirrus Response, Andrew Tucker brings his 20 years experience to help you identify what to look for in a Cloud solution that meets your challenges today and your future requirements:

  • The fear factor: Risk and Cost
  • Agility without compromising security
  • Switch on, switch off; scale up, scale down
  • Digital transformation without migration
  • Live Q&A session
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About the presenter:

Andrew Tucker has been helping organisations make the right choices for their contact centres for over 20 years.
Andrew Tucker V1.0
Drawing on his extensive experience evaluating, purchasing and managing contact centres across a variety of industries, Andy is perfectly placed to deliver guidance on customer and digital strategies.

As Success Manager at Cirrus, Andy is a valued and trusted advisor on all aspects of our client’s contact centre ecosystem, from regulation and performance to technology and transformation. Whether the requirement is for a simple voice deployment or full omnichannel capability with conversational AI, Andy’s approach is business goal driven which ensures maximum impact and guides future contact centre strategy